Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The Best Time To Apply?

We accept applications year-round. To ensure that you would have a spot in our next class, we would encourage you to apply the Fall Semester of your Senior Year.

What is the age requirement for Link Year?

Students must be at least 18 years old at the start of the program, and at most 20 years old.

What are some of the rules?

  • No sexual contact of any kind during the course of the entire year, on or off campus.
  • Curfew is 11p.m. on weeknights.
  • No one is allowed to tour the dorms of the opposite gender at any time other than arrival and departure day.
  • Any substance such as alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or anything that alters your ability to control your body is strictly prohibited. This includes abuse of any prescribed medications or over the counter drugs.
  • To protect the commitment of purity and help cultivate the renewing of the mind, students are encouraged to set aside media with explicit content.

Will Link Year have the same rules as Kanakuk?

We will hold to the same values and standard of excellence as we do at Kamp in the summer. However, students will be allowed cell phones, movies, and free nights and weekends. The students will not be completely sheltered. They will be treated similarly to college students from a private, Christian university setting.

What are the criteria to be accepted into the Link Year?

Students will be approved for Link Year based on Academics, test scores, extra-curricular activities, and similar criteria, then be offered entrance to the program on a first come, first serve basis.

Are only incoming freshman allowed to attend the Link Year?

No, we are also accepting students who may have just finished their freshman year of college and desire to grow in their relationship with Christ. The age criteria for students to attend is that they must be 18 by September 15th of the year they are enrolled, and must not turn 21 before May 1st during the duration of the Link Year.

Where will students live?

Each student will live in a lodge dormitory setting on K-1's White River Landing Campus, which is located in Branson, MO. The dormitories are not co-ed, and members of the opposite gender will not be permitted to enter dorms of the opposite gender. Each student will have one or two roommates and each room has 2 bathrooms. There will be facilities where members of the opposite sex will be allowed to hang out.

What Is Provided In The Dorms?

Items that will be supplied for you by Link Year:
- Twin XL Bed (may or may not be bunked)
- Closet space
- 2 Bathrooms per room
- Washer and dryer facilities on campus 

Can I take more than 20 credit hours during the year if I want?

Yes, although we feel this might be overwhelming. Students will be able to take more online classes if they desire to do so. But due to the curriculum, events, and activities that the Link Year already has planned we do not encourage a Link Year student taking more than the 20 credit hours suggested.

Will the Link Year students be allowed to get a job in the Branson area?

Yes. However we would encourage them to communicate their time constraints and need for flexibility with their employers up-front. We ask students to have a conversation with a staff member if they will be working more than 15 hours a week.

Will Link Year students be allowed to bring their own vehicles?


Is Health Insurance Required?

Yes, students must provide proof of health insurance upon arrival. Link Year is not responsible for a student’s hospitalization, doctor, or other health related costs.

Is Everyone Automatically Accepted?

No. Link Year is not the right place for everyone who applies, nor is everyone who applies right for Link Year.

When Does The Year Begin And End?

Link Year begins September 2nd and will conclude on Good Friday!

Are There Any Breaks During The Year?

Students have a five-day Thanksgiving Break, a three week Christmas Break and a five-day Spring Break immediately following the International Trip. Specific dates are available through the calendar on this website.