Cost Questions

Will Link Year students be able to apply for financial aid, scholarships, or grants?

Link Year does not except FAFSA since we are not an accredited, four year institution. However, students in the past have gotten scholarships from private donors and organizations. 

Will a refund be available if a student decides this program is not for them or is dismissed for breaking the rules?

No, but if a student is dismissed during the 1st semester he or she will not be required to pay the 2nd semester tuition. Though the money they have paid towards the international trips is not refundable in it's entirety. 


YES! To pay for your student’s deposit, tuition, and trips, you have three options. First, you can send a check in the mail to 1353 Lake Shore Drive Branson, MO 65616. Second, you can call Crystal Mitchell at 417-266-3233 and she can help you over the phone. Finally, you may pay online by going to, clicking on “MYKANAKUK,” and choosing “Make Payment.” If you are unsure of or do not remember your login information, you can click on “Forgot Password,” and after a few short steps you will be able to pay online.

* When you apply for Link Year there will be an application fee of $50. This should be done during the same time as the application

How much is Link Year's tuition?

$15,000 (Fall 2018 and Spring 2019)

  • $1,000 Non-Refundable Deposit is paid to confirm your spot, and it attributed to 1st Semester's Tuition

  • Tuition/Room/Board is $7,500 per semester

  • 1st Semester Tuition Due: August 1st

  • 2nd Semester Tuition Due: January 2nd

  • Each student is required to take part in an International Trip or an Internship during the month of February. The cost of these opportunities are not included in the Tuition Cost

Who do I contact for payment information and account balances? Can I get a Tax-Deduction for Donating a Tuition Payment?

Please contact our accounting department at or please feel free to call 417-266-3233 for all financial inquiries.

"Tuition Payments. There have been numerous cases involving attempts to claim contribution for payments that effectively are tuition to a private school. Occasionally, the IRS has even asserted that the donors were guilty of criminal tax fraud. Probably any payment which has the result directly or indirectly of funding a specific person’s tuition will not be tax deductible (Rev. Rule 83-104). It does not matter that the donor is not related to the student." -ECFA 

If you desire to donate to Link Year and receive a tax-deduction please do so without specifying an individual and we will allot scholarship monies to students that have applied for aid.