Work & Fun From The Bahamas

The past few days have continued to be incredible here in Eleuthera. The weather on the daily has been nothing short of a dream: high of 75 and lows in the upper 60’s. Our teams were still divided up this past week with 2 teams working on the garage, one team painting and the other team at the exceptional learning center.

The teams on the garage have been learning all kinds of new skills! They learned how to cut and tie steel together to help build the foundation on the garage. The inspector comes on Monday morning and so we’re all praying for a good report from him. The painting crew has almost finished the trim of the entire building and will be ready to start the main painting. By the time we’re finished the building will go from white to a beautiful pale, sea blue color! The exceptional learning crew has flourished developing relationships with the students there. They all have unique stories of how certain students at the school weren’t very talkative until our group showed up or a student struggling to learn fractions finally ‘got it’ with a way that one of our students explained it. All of our students will get a chance to be at the Exceptional Learning School but since it’s a small school we’ll go in groups of 4-5.

We’ve also had the chance to visit 2 beaches in the afternoons after working. We visited Club Med which had gorgeous pink sand beaches. We got to watch a storm roll in and left right before the rain came. Billy Stubbs, one of our local favorites made us an incredible dinner the other night with crab legs. It was so fun! He brought a hammer and came around to help us crack the crab legs on the table to eat the meat.Friday afternoon we took a short break from working to head to Billy and Miss Brenda’s house for a BBQ. We picked up our food and ate along the sea wall. Even though we see the ocean every single day, we’ve been praying that we don’t forget to appreciate the Lord’s incredible creation.Friday night we also helped host a Young Life game night at the center. We played ping pong, corn-hole, card games and danced the night away with Just Dance. Our students kept up pretty well dancing with the locals! It’s been fun to see relationships develop with some of the high school young life students. Guys will stop by a lot of afternoons to play basketball with our guys. Our pray is that those relationships continue to develop during our time here.

Saturday we took a break from working and had an excursion day to RockSound. We visited an ocean hole, which is a natural blue hole that the locals calls “bottomless”. Students got to cliff jump and float around on rafts. We then drove a few miles and walked onto a tiny trail off the side of the road that led to this grouping of massive banyan trees that we got to eat lunch under!

Please continue to pray for our time here. Groups will rotate this week so the painting crew may switch to the garage and the garage may switch to be at the Exceptional Learning School. Pray for joyful hearts as we serve the island of Eleuthera in any way we can.  

Here's some pics of the trips so far. Check back for more!

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