Depression and Anxiety - Winston Wiebe

This week we had Kevin Smith in the classroom talking about anxiety and depression. This being something I have dealt with in my past,  it was not only good to go back through those things but good to think about the things I still need to work through and what that looks like. This week has brought up a lot of good conversation and was one of my favorite weeks in the classroom so far. 

Personally, this week was tough because it was hard to get back in the swing of things after Thanksgiving Break.  Finding my rhythm again is always tough. It does not help when I’m trying to work through things in my past and figure out what to do with them, but that is why I am here. There is a community here that is unlike any other and I couldn’t ask to be in a better place!  

As far as friend life goes, the highlight of my week was going to the Dolloff’s house to have cookies and hot chocolate with the family.  It felt great to be in a home again because we don't get that often. As much fun as this year is, it feels good to be in a homely environment every once and awhile.

All in all this week was pretty normal around these parts.  I spent most of my time doing work and figuring out my life. Community is better than any place I have ever been and I don’t think I would change a thing. 

Adam DonyesComment