Urban Entry 2017

This past week our students traveled down to Shepherd, Texas, and worked with Next Step Storm to help disaster relief from Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area. While serving, students also glimpsed what it feels like to be homeless and in need as part of our Urban Entry experience. They were put in family groups of five, and had tickets to purchase things like breakfast, showers, and mattresses. They were forced to choose among these things with the resources they had. This experience is meant to encourage thankful hearts and open the students' eyes to the many ways they can make a difference in the world.

Take a look at what went on this week!

Cleveland, Texas

The main project took place at a church in Cleveland, Texas. A building foundation had to be torn down along with a lot of general cleaning and organizing of the property. Everyone worked super hard and by the end of the day most of the work was complete. Many students surprised everyone with hidden construction talents!

Iglesia Rios de Agua Viva

Iglesia Rios De Agua Viva was our host church for the week- they gave us a place to stay and even made us dinner! They, too, sustained damaged from Harvey so we spent time working at the church to say thank you! We are very grateful for them!

Turning Point Center

We had the opportunity to volunteer our time at Turning Point Center in Houston. Turning Point's mission is to protect and serve homeless elderly men and women by providing a home and opportunities for social advancement. Isha Desselle, the founder, spoke to us about her vision and how it all began. Students were able to talk with residents, serve in the kitchen, decorate for Christmas, and even prepare the garden for planting!

Devotionals and Debriefing 

Urban Entry stretches students' comfort zones and we want the whole week to point back to God. Every day began with a devotional led by a staff member. Each night the students would meet for a debrief and discuss the day. It was a great time to hear what students were seeing, experiencing, and thinking about the events that took place that day. It was also a chance for staff to hand out tickets for hard work and for students to play games together! This was truly an unforgettable experience