Urban Entry 2016

Each year we have the opportunity to go into the inner city of Saint Louis and Kansas City and work with some local ministries, while also getting a glimpse of what it means to actually be homeless in our country.  We call this week Urban Entry Week. This week is no doubt stretching for our students, so we asked a few of them to share about their experience and what it revealed to them.

Maddy Hosick | St. Louis

“Urban Entry exposed a lack of thankfulness in my daily life. Hearing different stories from the K Life kids made me realize how much I do have, and my hope is that I will continue to grow in thankfulness.”

Cameron Albright | St. LOuis

"In Saint Louis, I learned what it felt like to be in the shoes of homelessness.  I got a little taste of poverty throughout the situations we were in." 


Riley Mohorc | st. LOuis

 “At Kingdom House, I got to help out in the daycare room with the one year olds. The way the children reacted to the little amount of affection I gave them showed me how truly blessed I was growing up.”  

Josiah Hamilton | St. Louis

 “Urban Entry helped me realize, though a small taste of what poverty and homelessness feels like, just how much I have been blessed materialistically and with family and community.” 

Shae Grooms | Kansas City

"This week allowed me to see different perspectives and open my eyes to the overwhelming amount of entitlement I have in my life and the lack of gratefulness I have in my heart.”

michael maurath | ST. LOUIS


Avery Northcutt | St. Louis

"I learned that too often I have childlike emotions and lack a childlike faith. I often find myself wanting to do my own things and walk in my own way to opposition to what God is calling me to. And when God tells me to turn around and do something different, I react like a child and get angry and wonder why I can't go my way. Why wont God come with me instead of the other way around. I should instead have the childlike faith to walk wherever God calls me without question and with full trust."

Hayden Koval | Kansas City

 "After Urban Entry, I learned to be content with all The Lord has blessed me with, and also felt conviction because I haven’t done anything to help the homeless before this week."

Bianca Hernandez | St. Louis

 "I learned to love people no matter their situation or my situation.  We are called to love no matter what."

Adam DonyesComment