|| A M A Z I N G G R A C E ||

This may seems cheesy or too sentimental, but ya know, sometimes this world needs a little bit more cheesy sentimentality. I was just playing around on YouTube and found Link’s channel, which is awesome and I watched the video from the day we moved in. Wow. Even though that was only filmed about 4 months ago, we were all such babies. That seems like centuries ago too, it’s crazy to think of how much we’ve changed and grown during our short time here at Link. Looking back now, I realize that people’s whole countenance has changed. And it’s all because Jesus has literally transformed them from the inside out! We’ve been tested, broken, encouraged, and grown here and I am so happy and thankful that it all happened here. When a big overview of the whole class was shown, I didn’t think “wow, I’m friends with all those people now.” I thought “Oh my gosh, that’s my family right there!” The authentic, loving, and accepting community that has been created here is priceless. No amount of money could ever truly cover the experience and blessings that Link has given us.

Now, enough with the reminiscing and the happy tears. This week has honestly been one of the toughest, most trying, and heavy weeks of my whole life. But I also feel like I’ve learned the most this week, and it’s not from class, or from an incredible speaker, but Jesus has taught me. What better teacher could you ask for right? 

            So here’s what I’ve learned. Grace. You can’t earn it, pay for it, or use a coupon. It’s the biggest most undeserved gift we’ll ever receive and most of the time. For me, I’ve received so much grace this week and I know that I didn’t deserve a single bit of it. I deserved the worst, and I got the best. Then not only did I receive grace, but I was blessed beyond grace. I received overwhelming blessings and surprising that I didn’t ask for or expect. Another awesome thing about grace is that there’s no way you can ever repay what’s been given to you. I can’t even begin to think of an idea that would be sufficient repayment for the grace shown to me. All I can do is say thank you. A million times thank you. 

            So, stop and really think of who has shown you grace that you know you didn’t deserve and go tell them thank you or write them a cute little card (everyone loves cards, I don’t care who you are). Saying thank you is so humbling because you have to admit that someone did something for you and in this case it was something you needed but they didn’t have to do it. We all need grace. Yes, even you who has the whole Bible memorized, never messed up, and has a wall full of gold stars. You’ve screwed up too, and that’s okay. So have I. Gosh, have I screwed up, but God’s given more grace than I’ve screwed up, and man am I thankful for that.

Grace is an incredible and incomprehensible thing. Guess that’s why they call it amazing.

Marcus HarrisComment