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If You Build It, It will sink

This morning came early, but the Link Year staff and the Lakeside Manor continued their excellence and grandeur.  The staff woke us ladies and gents from our slumber bright and early.  So the students could enjoy one last morning of class with Billy Stevenson.Billy Stevenson is the University International Studies Director at John Brown University whom has poured into the Link Year student’s for this short time period.  Stevenson has an remarkable testimony, you could further question your students on his story.After hearing his testimony and a few other life stories he talked to us student about Ireland’s economy.  In which, they have three major industries in their economy; agriculture, ship making and linen which is closely followed by tourism.

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This week for Mystery Monday we went to the Titanic Museum.  Upon arrival, we received a “boarding pass” with our passengers name on it.  I had the pleasure of having Simon Maisner, a Russian Jew who was a tailor.  Unfortunately, he was not one of the richest men there so he was placed in third class, he didn't make it.

As we strolled around the Museum, we were given the opportunity to read and listen to commentary given on specific points in the Museum.  It was a very interactive museum, complete with a morse code station and a bucket of freezing  water so we could feel how cold the water was.  There was a movie theater,  where I could relax for a little while and watch the always entertaining documentary on how the Titanic was made and more film before it set sail. 

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