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his week, we had the honor of listening to Shay Robbins speak to us on our intimacy with God. He spoke on how intimacy is all about depth. And depth is everything. He showed us how relationships now today are all based over texting. Why would you talk to someone in person or call them when you could just simply send them a quick and easy text? By this, you get sucked into a shallow way of living. As we engage into things that are deep, your depth goes even deeper. Just as we sin, it leads to more sin. Shay shared with us how God should be our everything. If you seek God wholeheartedly, He will find you. God rewards those who seek Him; He makes Himself available to us. We have no comprehension of the grace of God.

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This week we were blessed to have Shay Robbins come and speak to us. He spoke to us about intimacy with God. He discussed with us some verses to meditate on so as to “vacate” ourselves and prepare to hear from the Lord. It’s a way to ask the Lord to show you any blocks in your road to Him and to clean your heart and mind out. I really liked this approach because sometimes I feel like I have a hard time coming to the Lord because I know that I have junk I need to get right first. There are also times where I harden my heart to that and I need the Lord to put those blocks in my face.

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Mystery Monday

What an incredible past week we have  had. John Stonestreet of Summit Ministries came and discussed biblical worldview with our students. The insights and knowledge that he shared with the students was incredible and from the conversation that took place throughout the week there is no doubt that students were challenged and stretched in how their own view of the world. This past week equipped and prepared our students for the worldviews that they will face upon entering college and the workforce.


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