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This week’s speaker was Marvin Daniels. Marvin Daniels came in on Tuesday and Wednesday. On both of those days we talked about living beyond the norm in life. When he came in on Tuesday he talked about the individuality of the world and how people live in it. He also talked about what a Christian should look like and how we all look different. We discussed things about how our enemies could end up in heaven with us and how we felt about that. Marvin asked us a bunch of questions in which we had to sit or stand. If we had any relation to what he asked we would stand. If we didn't have any relation to what he asked then we would sit. He did that for a little bit.

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Brother Marvin Daniels, who is the Vice President of the Leadership Development program at Kids Across America, came and spoke to us about being Insulated in this world and not Isolated from the world. He was referring to 1 John 4 where it talks about being in this world but not of this world. God wants us to be different as we are his divine representation of Him on Earth. We are to be the Salt and the Light to this World.

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