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This week at Link Year we had many different speakers, but my favorite speaker was probably Joey Tisdale. He talked a lot about what we should expect next year in college, and not wasting the short time we have there to share the gospel. A lot of the class period he talked to us about his experience in college and how he feels as if he wasted so much time. At the beginning of his college career he focused a lot on himself and not spreading God's word. 

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his week we had Dr. Joshua Straub speak to our class about God Attachment, Relationships, Technology, Sex, and Hormones. One of the main things Joshua does is try and back up everything he talked to us about not only with scripture, but with research. The main point of everyday this week was that the world values feelings better over loving better. Our purpose in life is to love each other, that is made clear in the Bible in Genesis 2:18-25 and Peter 3:1-10. Joshua had us all take two surveys our first class, one of them being about our relationship style and the other one being an inventory on our attachment to God. He taught us about avoidance, anxious, and secure relationships. In our survey about our attachment to God we answered random questions on our relationship with God and at the end of it you added up your numbers to see which category you fell into.

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After arriving at the farm for a quick luggage drop off, we were served an incredible breakfast of an assortment of fresh tropical fruits. Students enjoyed fresh papaya, pineapple, passion fruit, and new one for all of us, sour sup. We spent the morning at the beautiful beach of Wailoaloa. the adrenaline of being in a tropical climate seemed to serve as an antidote to jet-lag. All the students were in high spirits and have been unified as a group from the get go.

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his week, we had the honor of listening to Shay Robbins speak to us on our intimacy with God. He spoke on how intimacy is all about depth. And depth is everything. He showed us how relationships now today are all based over texting. Why would you talk to someone in person or call them when you could just simply send them a quick and easy text? By this, you get sucked into a shallow way of living. As we engage into things that are deep, your depth goes even deeper. Just as we sin, it leads to more sin. Shay shared with us how God should be our everything. If you seek God wholeheartedly, He will find you. God rewards those who seek Him; He makes Himself available to us. We have no comprehension of the grace of God.

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This week’s speaker was Marvin Daniels. Marvin Daniels came in on Tuesday and Wednesday. On both of those days we talked about living beyond the norm in life. When he came in on Tuesday he talked about the individuality of the world and how people live in it. He also talked about what a Christian should look like and how we all look different. We discussed things about how our enemies could end up in heaven with us and how we felt about that. Marvin asked us a bunch of questions in which we had to sit or stand. If we had any relation to what he asked we would stand. If we didn't have any relation to what he asked then we would sit. He did that for a little bit.

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This year at the Kanakuk Link Year has been phenomenal.  For a program as young as the Link Year, it is amazingly proactive and worth the investment.  The Link Year gives students the opportunity to build relationships and develop a Biblical worldview that they can call their own.

On Tuesday last week, I had the opportunity of getting re-baptized at the Neighborhood Chapel, with everyone in the Kanakuk Link Year.  The students of the Link Year (my friends) were able to be there to support and witness my decision to make the outward profession of my inward decision.

On Saturday, we were given the opportunity to witness and stand by Clayton and Tiffanye, as they made a public profession of their love for one another as Bride and Groom. 


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Student Spotlight - RAND DEUCHLER

Here at Link Year, Authentic Accountability has been a major underlying theme throughout our whole time here. Adam Donyes always says that he desires for us to have heart transformation not behavior modification, which is a lot of the heart behind all the accountability that we have here.
The Lord desires for us to have this accountability in our lives. In James 5:16 it states, ‘”herefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.”  In Proverbs 27:17 it also says, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” This is what we have been encountering this year with our Small Group Leader, our Institute Mentor, and with our peers.

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Speaker Spotlight- Austin Ochs

Austin Ochs was our speaker this week. He had a lot of insight and gave us a different vision from what we have all been told our whole lives about how we are servants of God. He taught us on Tuesday about how not to waste our lives and that we are all called as Christians to serve. He opened the idea to us that you have not done anything in your own life to be where you are right now or to have the money that you have.

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This year, I have had the awesome opportunity to walk through the journey of Link Year with my brother, Caleb. Thinking I was the last student to commit to Link Year, I had no intentions of having a family member here with me, and even better than that, my best friend.

I have been praying for my brother for years now and his walk with the Lord. We were both raised by God-loving parents who taught us to live a God-honoring lifestyle, but sometimes we want to rebel because of that.

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oday was an awesome mystery Monday! First we split up by gender and have our study on apologetics. I was with the girls at Autumn’s house. This is always a fun time of fellowship and learning. We are watching a great video series by Chuck Colson and having great discussion! Next we did a few hours of maintenance, which included picking up trash on Lake Shore Drive to keep our road around our campus looking beautiful! This definitely teaches us to work together and to appreciate the beauty that we have here in Branson, Missouri. It was such a beautiful day today. The spring weather is starting to come out to find us, and so we finally got to break out the shorts and t- shirts again! This in itself puts everyone in a great mood! 

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This week we had the pleasure if hearing from two incredible speakers. On Tuesday we started off with the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Joe White. He gave us a break neck pace look at how the Nile accurately predicts the time that Christ would come. It was really cool and a lot of fun with everyone feeding off of Joe's passion for this subject. After that Josh Straub came up to speak with us for the rest of the week. He was awesome... personally a favorite.

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I came into Link Year half way through the year. Although I was unable to experience everything the other students did the first semester, I still feel like I am getting the most out of the program. The first couple weeks I got here, I was welcomed with great hospitality not only from the staff, but the students as well. Our first speaker, Ted Cunningham, dug into marriage and relationships and from what I learned that week, I knew this was where God wanted me to be to  grow in my faith and in my heart. 

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Mystery Monday- 'Hillbilly Bowling'
We woke up to a pleasant surprise this mystery Monday by not having to do any yard work today. However, our plans got a little misconstrued when we showed up at the bowling alley that we had reservations for and the workers never showed. But to no surprise the Adam’s brainstormed and decided upon Hillbilly bowling. It was a lot of fun spending this community time together, there were only about five different lanes and it was an older alley so we had to write down our scores there was no T.V keeping scores. All the LinkYear students were enjoying the country music and line dancing around the alley.
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Mystery Monday- Chick-fil-A Climbing Day

xpectations are high and no one knows what is about to go down as we load the wonderful Kanakuk bus. Rumors are going strong for a solid hour, until we arrive at Chick-fil-A! Keep in mind that our Chick-fil-A is in Springfield, miles and miles away from our home at Kauai. We all race out of us bus and line up at the register to begin ordering our fantastic meals.

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Light House

tarting off the day, we made the relatively short bus ride to the town ofWhitehead, where we climbed a rather long and winding pathway leading up to the breathtakingly beautiful site which the Whitehead Lighthouse overlooks. Stopping just beside the lighthouse on top of a cliff overlooking the sea on such a crystal clear day, we got to chill and relax, take a few photos, and just take in the overall beauty of our surroundings and marvel at the greatness of the Creator of such amazing sites.

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