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This week at Link Year we had many different speakers, but my favorite speaker was probably Joey Tisdale. He talked a lot about what we should expect next year in college, and not wasting the short time we have there to share the gospel. A lot of the class period he talked to us about his experience in college and how he feels as if he wasted so much time. At the beginning of his college career he focused a lot on himself and not spreading God's word. 

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Here at the Link Year, we are given many opportunities to ‘seek wise counsel’.  One of the most impactful and unique ways this is done is through our partnership with the Kanakuk Institute.  

Each Link Year student is paired with an Institute Mentor.  We meet at least once a week in the mornings before class.  This partnership has been a great way for all of us living together on campus at K-Kauai to interact and get to know each other.  Not to mention, it gives us a great chance to be poured in to by someone who is just a few years down the road ahead of us.  Through this program, my roommate, Rachel, and I have been paired with a sweet, sweet girl named Katie.  


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Class Is In Session

With week two coming to a close it’s time to update all of you on what has taken place aroung here. As I stated in my last post it’s hard to belive that we’ve been here for almost two weeks! So much has happened in what seems like so little time. With that said here is just a small glimpse into the action that has been happening here on the Link Year campus.

At the Link Year every Monday is a surprise for our students. They never know what activity will be taking place and what lesson and application they will be learning on that day. Our Mystery Monday activities almost always relate to what the upcoming speaker for that week will be discussing.

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