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This week for Mystery Monday we went to the Titanic Museum.  Upon arrival, we received a “boarding pass” with our passengers name on it.  I had the pleasure of having Simon Maisner, a Russian Jew who was a tailor.  Unfortunately, he was not one of the richest men there so he was placed in third class, he didn't make it.

As we strolled around the Museum, we were given the opportunity to read and listen to commentary given on specific points in the Museum.  It was a very interactive museum, complete with a morse code station and a bucket of freezing  water so we could feel how cold the water was.  There was a movie theater,  where I could relax for a little while and watch the always entertaining documentary on how the Titanic was made and more film before it set sail. 

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K-Kauai is the happiest place on earth, next to Disneyland of course. Link year is a phenomenal place with an even better atmosphere.  The weekend life here in Branson, Missouri never ceases to amaze me.  Some weekends I like to kick back, relax, and enjoy the occasional movie in the Ala Moana.  On those relaxing nights we will get a group of guys and girls in a couple of cars to drive on over to the lookout.  The lookout is always a good choice when one is having trouble finding something to do.  It is about a ten minute drive and it is definitely worth it.

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While it was great to be home for the holidays, it is great to be back in Branson at Link Year. Everyone at Link Year has become like family to me and I missed my Link Year family while I was away. Link Year has seven pillars, and it wasn’t until over the break that I was really able to see how these pillars have influenced my life over the past few months. The seven Pillars are: Maximizing Moments, Student of Scripture, Authentic Accountability, Biblical Worldview, Privilege Responsibility, Heart Transformation, and Growing in Gratefulness.


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Tornado Relief

All students and staff are back and recovered from jetlag! We are so thankful for the time we got to spend in Ireland and miss our friends at Lakeside Manor! Hopefully many of you have kept up with our trip via this blog! If not, please read several of the previous posts, as the students and staff blogged about our travels regularly. Also remeber to check our flickr account for pictures! 

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