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Speaker Spotlight- Austin Ochs

Austin Ochs was our speaker this week. He had a lot of insight and gave us a different vision from what we have all been told our whole lives about how we are servants of God. He taught us on Tuesday about how not to waste our lives and that we are all called as Christians to serve. He opened the idea to us that you have not done anything in your own life to be where you are right now or to have the money that you have.

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Will Work For Jesus

This week at the Kanakuk Link Year was incredible! Austin Ochs, our speaker, spoke about the importance of being a good steward with what God has given us. He explained the importance of viewing life with an eternal prospective. “What we do here on Earth Echoes into eternity”, was a movie quote he used to illustrate the message of Godly management of resources. Austin showed us how his family runs their business with a biblical and ministry minded foundation.

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