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 There is something I have noticed about myself while here at Link Year. It's not something I'm particularly proud of but it is something that I can learn from, which is always nice. What I am talking about is a little thing called “apathy”. Now apathy in and of itself is not a bad thing. It's just an emotion. The key to whether or not it becomes bad or good is the object of this apathy. The problem is my object of this apathy tends to go towards getting in the scriptures every morning. I am sort of complacent with where I am in my walk with Christ and don't have the desire to learn like I have in the past. With the way I was raised and the education I've been blessed with I know more than the average Christian. I don't mean this in a prideful way, but from what I've heard, been told, and seen it's true.

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  Stability, Accountability, and scriptural knowledge were the three things going into LinkYear that I desired to grow in and boy has it blown me out of the water. The stability here is a once in a lifetime deal. We are consistently surrounded by bold, God-fearing leaders who desire to see growth and honestly I don’t get that in my everyday life at home. We are held to a higher standard than many other college kids but in the end we will benefit from the discipline. As for me I never desired to rebel, so the rules aren’t too bad. The accountability is incredible I meet up with four different groups each week and they challenge me to grow and seek out my faith. I trust these girls with my life they have definitely proven integrity.

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The Best Decision

From a students perspective, student to student, I just want to say how, well no, I can’t put into words how grateful, blessed, obsessed I am with being here at the Kanakuk Link Year. Last year I graduated high school and knew that once I was done, I was going to K-State, well, wrong I was. Through the Lord, and wisdom from mentors I ended up at Link Year. My expectations were that of, concern for the kinds of friends I would make, joy, for the conversations I’d have, and excitement for everything I was going to learn. I moved in 3 weeks ago and during those 3 weeks, I have grown, learned, and loved being here. 


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