Skipping to Scotland

God is and always will be greater than my mind can understand. Collin, Nick, and I went for our 4 day excursion and went to Scotland! Me! A 6 Foot 11 guy from a suburb outside of Chicago. The trip was amazing! We did have a some challenges along the way. We made it to the airport and I realized I forgot my passport! I had to pay for a cab back to the manor then back to Branson airport. We went to check in and for some strange reason our tickets were not working. I decided to ask someone for help and I'm glad I did because as it turns out we were at the wrong airport! We needed to be at the International Airport and we had a short time to be there. We ran to the cabs and and was sped over there. We made it in time but during security check Nick had to go through a pat down and then had his bag throughly checked! Turns out you can't have a big thing of toothpaste in your carry on. We made it to boarding just in time and was soon cruising in the sky. Once we touched down in Edinburgh we met with his mom and his aunt. His mom was so sweet she gave me a hug! Once we settled into the hotel we went and had dinner at a little restaurant down the street. The waitress had the cutest Scottish accent. For dessert Collin and I had a “punky”. It is a toy penguin filled with vanilla ice cream. It's was really good and now I have a toy to take home! The next day we woke up and was out the hotel by 9am headed to Aberdeen to go ancestor hunting. They researched their heritage and was traced to Scotland. There they had a relative that lived near a castle called, Fyvie Castle. The next day we caught a train to Inverness and sailed upon Loch Ness. I think I saw Nessie. That day Nick had hagus and he liked it. I had a little taste and I must say it was not bad. We walked around Aberdeen and did some sight seeing before we caught a train back to Edinburgh. We did a tour of The Real Mary King’s Close and that was very informative. I thought it would be a haunted tour but it was more for the information of how people once lived under the streets there. It was a blast. Not to mention I found a red telephone booth that I had been looking for since I was a kid! That was pretty awesome! I am glad to be back in Ireland. I missed everyone too much.

-DeShawn Polk

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