Bahamas Bound | Reid green

This week in Branson, things are a little different for us here on campus. Everyone, including me is a little more jittery, excited and even a little stressed. This has to be one of the most anticipated weeks of my life. Besides coming to Link Year, this week has been the one I’ve been thinking about for months and months… and months. This week, we leave for our international trip!!!! I can think back to the day I visited Link Year and hearing about the opportunity we had as a student here to take one of the most amazing trips offered in February. I remember hearing about the options of trips and what each trip would do on their time overseas and thinking, “ahhh man, I gotta get in on this.” But when it comes to things like this, you feel like the day will never get here. It’s like its always out of reach and it won’t really happen, you know? But guess what? IT’S HERE!!! In less then 48 hours I will be in a van on my way to the St. Louis airport getting ready to head to Eleuthera, Bahamas!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I have never spent more then 10 days out of the country so thinking about being away from the US for a whole month is a very weird feeling. But every time I think about all that we will be doing while were down there I get so excited!!! We will be staying and working with the Eleuthera Bible Training center down there and hanging out with some cool kiddos. Its gonna be a month of hard work and fun in the sun and I am pumped.

I cannot wait to get there and get going on this amazing chance that I get to and be in a completely different culture then my own. It is for sure going to be a month completely relying on God for strength and guidance, to go in knowing that we are there to come along side our brothers and sisters in Christ and together challenge each other to grow in understanding of the gospel. It will be like nothing I have ever done and I cannot wait to get back and share with you all what all I learned on this crazy journey that I get to be apart of.

And I would love it if you would join me in prayer for my awesome group of people that I will get to be in the Bahamas with. That we would all lay aside our selfish mind set and be in a mind set to serve. Matthew 20:28, show Jesus coming as a servant more then a king. In the same way we are called to go serve and to not be served. I’ve been praying for this mind over this month for a long time and would love to have others praying for the same. I also ask that you would pray for the other amazing trips that are going on as well. While me and 20 others will be in Bahamas, we have a group in Fiji, Northern Ireland and some of us are staying in the US to do an amazing internship with K-Life ministries. It’s weird that we will all being on completely different continents! But I can’t wait to come back in March and hear about all of our amazing adventures and stories about what God did in all of our lives!!!


I can’t wait to come back and tell you all about my time on the Island!!! But until then… this is it!!!! Love ya fam!!! See ya in a month.

-Reid Green

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