Marriage, Family, and Love | A Week With Ted Cunningham

Ted Cunningham 

Ted Cunningham joined our students this week to teach on a wide array of topics encompassing marriage. He has authored and coauthored many books on marriage, love, and family, and is the founding pastor of Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson, where many students attend church on Sundays. It was nice to have a familiar face teaching! Ted Cunningham has taught at Link Year for the past 7 years, speaking on God's vision for marriage, prolonged adolescence, and family. Here are a few quotes from students about what they learned this week in class!

"I thought he was really interesting. Normally I feel like lessons on marriage don't apply to me, but Ted also mentioned things about family and roommate relationships that I connected with and feel like I can apply to my life." - Lauren Schuette

 Ted is an awesome teacher, and this whole week was very enlightening and thought provoking. For a while I was thinking, "I am not married, nor am I about to be anytime soon." Then Ted made a good point that, "Marriage is not for everyone, but everyone should be for marriage." I may not be married now, but I still need knowledge of it and how I can lift up my brothers and sisters that are. -Abbey Williams

"Ted Cunningham was really encouraging this week on topics of family and love but also in areas concerning the church. I like the way he leads his church; he has a health over growth mentality that seems to be diminishing with the commercialization of churches." -Remy Allen

A Week in Review

The beginning of this week brought a big snowstorm to Branson. Students had snowball fights, went sledding, and enjoyed staying in and drinking hot cocoa. 

The end of the week brought warmer weather and with that the melting of the snow. Students weren't quite ready to let go of the cold and traveled to Springfield to ice skate and play broomball for TGIF!

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