Link Gives Back Week

    This week at Link Year we get the opportunity to dig in with the Branson community! Two of our 7 Pillars are "Growing In Gratefulness" and "Privilege Responsibility". Link Year Gives Back is a week that really helps bring these two biblical concepts to life by teaching our students what it's like to serve and focus on others rather that ourselves. We are often being filled up here at Link Year by great speakers and unique experiences. This week gives us the opportunity to pour out by serving those around us. We get to work with other local ministries and get more connected to the community around us!  Each day, we brake off into groups and spread out to do anything from raking leaves on campus, helping organize at churches, or hang out with the students at Barnabas Prep! Here's a quick glimpse of a few of the fun projects we got to work during the week!


The first group started the morning at Woodland Hills Family Church!  The girls helped package Christmas gifts and prepare Sunday School for the Church, while the guys helped rake leaves and make sure the Church look clean.

tri-lakes K-Life

The second group of students got to head over to the Tri-Lakes K-Life house and help organize and clean up the building!  


Barnabas Prep

Another bunch of students went over to our neighbor ministry, Barnabas Prep, and got to hang out with the students!  Their morning looked a bit like Santa's Workshop as they helped make wooden toys for the children. 

Kids Across America

Our last group hung out with with the awesome folks at Kids Across America!  They helped rake the leaves around the business office (not pictured), as well as get some insight on what KAA is really like. Any time that Kanakuk and KAA come together, it's sure to be a great time. This was no different!

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