And we are back finally!!!!!!!!! Yes, Link Year is back in session, thank The Lord. I missed being back so much, and I am pretty sure my fellow classmates agree with me. This semester definitely will be different from the last one. New speakers, New challenges, and new memories to be made. 

Our Mystery Monday this week was pretty chill. We all met up in the dinning hall and as we walked in we were astonished to see out wonderful staff getting a wonderful breakfast prepared for us. There was a lovely spread for custom omelets, custom pancakes, cereal, fruit, and the usual juice and coffee. I really enjoyed just being able to relax and enjoy time with my friends. 

After we got done eating Mr. Martin called all of us in the the front of the stage in the dining hall so we can all share about our break. 7 at a time we went up and shared what are favorite Christmas gift was, and what we did on New Years Eve. And in between the 7 people we would play sit-down-if. It's a game where if the you have done the thing the speaker says you have done you sit down. The object of the game is to be honest, and to try stay standing. I don't remember what I sat down for but I know that I got out pretty quickly haha. Then after everyone went we ended early so we could just chill and enjoy time with our friends. It was a very chill morning, and fun. 

Tune in next week for the next mystery Monday post!

- Katie Batchelor


This Monday was the first Monday of the second semester at Link Year. Usually the morning would be a surprise, thus the name Mystery Monday, but this Monday was not. Monday was just a chill day. With everyone still not back from the break, we gathered in the dining hall for a made-to-order omelet breakfast, a favorite of mine. As we got our omelets, we sat around tables and shared what went down during our break.

After most of us were finished eating, Adam Martin greeted us and said that we would play the game sit down. If you are not familiar with the game sit down I’ll explain, it is a game where a someone says, “if you have done this sit down”. The last person standing wins. This game was great because we had two new guys, Joe and Marshal join the Link Year family and this was not only a good game to break the ice for the new semester but get to know the new guys.

After the winner was recognized, seven people came up and shared what they did for New Years and their favorite present in 30 seconds or less. This cycle continued until everyone shared about their new years and favorite present. The highlight from this time was hearing about a few of the guys who went to Passion, a Christian conference in Atlanta, witness a fight between a few women in a downtown Atlanta hotel. In conclusion, this was a chill morning that we just got to hang out and share what went on during our break and a great mystery Monday.

- Rand Deuchler