Intimacy with God | Josiah Hamilton

Many of us Christians today find ourselves stuck or lost in life; desperately searching for answers of where to go or what to do next. So often the reason for this is because we view the world through the lens of self-gratification, trying to fit God into our plans instead of putting ourselves into God’s.

This week at Link Year we had the pleasure of B.J. Thompson picking up where Adam Donyes left off on having a Biblical worldview. As we have gone through Biblical worldview, I have begun to recognize just how important it is to dig deep into God’s word and meditate on it daily. In the past I have gone to study the Bible only in time of need or confusion, after exhausting all other options. This has only led me to go through the motions and to have a broken relationship; lacking intimacy with my Savior. Now I understand that the only way I can have an intimate relationship with God is to be captivated by His word. When I say captivate I do not mean just to have a knowledge and fascination of the Bible but to live it out; letting it guide my every thought and action.

B.J. dove further into what being captivated by God’s word looks like by teaching us on how the Gospel should be sufficient for us in all seasons of life not just our past. The Gospel exists not only in the past but in the present and future. Looking at and living out the Gospel from such a perspective I can understand my identity in Christ and the purposes He has for me.

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