Recapping Week One In Ireland | Courtney Cummings

This was our first week in Ireland!! Yay for that!! I am ecstatic to be here in Ireland with the rolling hillsand extremely green grass! On the flight into Dublin God gave us an amazing first sight of Ireland, when the clouds cleared the sun was rising and Ireland was illuminated- it was absolutely stunning! And the amazingness didn't stop there! The ride into Belfast was… Difficult only because we were all trying to stay awake! Jet lag hit us hard! Anna wrote a poem that pretty much sums up how we all felt it was entitled, "i'm tired as mess!". The next day we had a visitor come and talk to us about Irish history he was absolutely hilarious! On Tuesday we got to go to one of the most historical places in all of northern Ireland it was called Navin Fort. At Navin fort we got to climb to the top of the hill that used to be the fortes it's self, on top of that hill The scenery was breathtaking! We could see all the surrounding hills with all the twisting roads and the nearby sheep, of course! After that we got to experience authentic fish and chips in the park which was absolutely fantastic, if I do say so myself! On Wednesday we mostly learned about Saint Patrick and his influence on Ireland. With that we got to visit Saul Church which is the first church in all of Ireland founded by none other then Saint Patrick himself in the 400s! We also got to so his cross and his grave stone, all in the same day!  On Thursday we went out to Belfast Castle it was an incredible, but nothing compared to the castle we saw the next day; the castle was called Carrickfergus- it was built in 1171. it was absolutely unbelievable that something that old was still around and that we could go in it today. Earlier that day we got to go on a hike to a lighthouse on the beach. It was beautiful, when looking across the ocean you could actually see Scotland across the ocean! This day was all around my favorite day that we've had so far that we've had. Not only was it filled with history and excitement, also with castles, knights, princesses, and (of course) the rain! Because it wouldn't be Ireland without it! Saturday was more of a chill day, we all met at Saint George's Market, in the morning, then we all had the rest of the day to walk around the City Center. The real fun was at night! That night was our first poetry night! If I had one word to describe that night… It would be lit. We had everything you could ever imagine all the way from some amazing rapping from AC Defreeze to hard-hitting poetry from Kevin, Erica, Bianca, Avery and CK. Sunday we got to go to Christ Church in the morning, they were all very welcoming and kind it was interesting to experience church in a foreign land. The first week may be over but we have many adventures that are still to come. There is still so much history and culture to experience and so much more yet to discover. And of course, more pictures to take!

Photos from #IreLink

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