He Transcends | Remy Allen

I find it easy, when in the United States, to know that God’s love goes beyond the limited borders we create for ourselves. Being in Ireland I’ve been able to see first hand how transcendent our God really is.
The first part of our journey started when we landed at the airport. Kevin told us that we were not allowed to sleep until we got to Mullartown house, the place we would be staying for the next two days. Someone defiantly fell asleep within the first ten minutes of getting on the bus. We traveled up to northern Ireland and went to Saul’s church, the first church in the country of Ireland, planted by St. Patrick. From there we went to a town named Downpatrick, where we saw several museums and learned about the history of the surrounding town and St. Patrick.
Friday we had the chance to go to Navan fort, an early Irish settlement. While there we got to hear from some of the historians how the people of that time used to live. When mid-day rolled around we went to Armagh and were going to eat fish and chips but while we were waiting on the food it began to rain. So, we went to an Irish pub to eat our fish and chips where Kevin told us that we could get drinks on him. That consisted of water and any non-alcoholic drinks. After we ate we went to a couple cathedrals, one Roman Catholic and the other Protestant. From there we went back to Mullartown house for supper.
After supper and family time some of us were starting to play the wonderful game of Nerts when a polite Irishman invited us to come sing praise music with them. And of course we said yes, we would have been foolish not to. Out of that one yes, came one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had the opportunity to be a part of. We were welcomed into an upper-room and started to sing. I was baffled when we began to sing the same songs as we do back home. This triggered something in me that almost lead to tears; the same exact God we get to worship back home is the same God we get to worship all across the globe. Now, I’ve known this to be true but I have seldom understood how magnificent this is. The God we love and serve in our homes is the exact same God that is loved and served in the homes of the Irish and all across the world.
This truth comforts me to the core of my being. Our God transcends not only time and space, but also time zones, geographical separation, even and especially cultures. We all serve one God, for those of us that are in Christ we will all be with each other in the Kingdom so why not get to know each other now? The three days we have already been here God is showing me so much about this culture and how beautiful His Creation is. He transcends every limitation we have.

Photos from #IreLink