A Poem by Grace Willis

We had poetry night the other night with our Ireland crew. Each student had the opportunity to share a poem with the rest of the group.

The following is a poem written by Grace Willis.

the whole of creation groans and suffers waiting for his arrival
every single thing is broken and sinful clinging to mere survival
as a result of the fall we’re all lost and imperfect along with the rest of creation
we were created as good and blameless beings as to give him a standing ovation
nature sings in a minor key subjected to futility and corruption
the howling of a wolf, the whisper of the wind, all attributed to the first form of seduction
the dull quiet tap of rain on a window, the crash of a wave on the shore

the frightened call of a nightingale, the longing inside us that points to something more
they all attest to the fidelity of scripture, this worlds imminent defeat

the alternate reality found in narnia indicates that something’s incomplete
the cold dark picture Lewis paints at first is where we are today
the hurt the sin, the pain and darkness, though covered by the price he’s already paid

our cultures in the dead of winter, the white witch still in control
consumed with greed and longing for earthly things, when all he’s after is our soul

the world is dark, and one day will fall, it seems like there’s so much left to lose
but take heart dear one, for he has overcome, and Aslan is on the move.

Photos from #IreLink