Halfway in the Bahamas

Hello family and friends! Greetings from Eleuthera! Here are a few highlights from the past few days:

Monday morning we were invited back to Hatchet Bay Primary School and Governors Harbor Primary School to lead their morning assemblies! We love getting to see students organize and lead songs and games with the students. 

-Billy Stubbs made us a Thanksgiving feast…that’s right Thanksgiving in February. He made turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pecan and pumpkin pie! We loved it!

-Monday night we had a group poetry night. Everyone was responsible for coming up with a poem to share with the group. Some of the poems were serious while others were funny. We even had a few musical performances. Emory Doster, the daughter of the missionary’s we are working with had her very first violin exhibition on our poetry night. She received a standing ovation for her outstanding performance of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

-Tuesday night we had a night of student-led worship. It was a great night to reflect on what the Lord’s been doing and spend time worshipping Him! 

-We’re on island time here, which means sometimes we’re flexible with switching gears. As we mentioned last week, two of our teams here have been building a garage for the Bible Training Center. As of last weekend, Keith Doster talked to Mr. Holland, the principal at the Exceptional Learning School about building a basketball court for the students. Students love playing basketball but have a sloped, rocky dirt-covered area to play in. If there were any hope of them getting a basketball court built it would have to be a group of our size. So we paused the garage and headed over to Governor’s Harbor to build the court! Some of the materials were donated while the school purchased others. We have 8 students working on this while 4 students are working inside teaching the students and 4 more at the center painting the exterior building. When students have recess, their new favorite activity is to help mix concrete or carry buckets of fill to the court. 

-Typically on our international trips, there’s a 4-day break. For us this looks a little bit different. There are not many places to travel within the Bahamas where students can be under 21 to rent cars, hotels, etc. So we are spending the next few days taking a few excursions! Tomorrow we’ll be headed to Lighthouse on the north side of the island to see several different places. Saturday we’ll take a ferry to spend the day in Spanish Wells which is an area known for being a little more “touristy” where students will be able to purchase souvenirs and walk around town. 

This weekend marks our halfway point on the trip. We can’t believe it! We are also thankful to have 2 more weeks here. Please continue to pray for our trip!

Brian WangComment