Finishing Up in Fiji

Hello from your long lost Fijian friends :) 

We all made it safely back to Fiji after a nice long vacation in Australia! Everyone fell in love with Australia- including myself! We started off the first day back with half of a work day here at the farm. We did all sorts of various projects, and everything is really coming together here, I can't wait for you all to see your student's pictures! In the afternoon we did a kids club at a church we have visited before. It was a rainy day, so we were nervous kids wouldn't show, but after a crew went out to collect kids it ended up being a great kids club! 

Friday was a blast. It's safe to say everyone thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. We woke up, did our morning routine, and we were off to visit an actual Fijian village! It was so fun. We got a tour around the village, we were introduced to the Fijian way, and Garvin was nominated as our chief. Girls are allowed to be Chiefs but they have to remain single- so I didn't volunteer to be chief :).  We then took off our shoes before we entered the pottery room, which is a common curtesy here in Fiji. We then were able to see how the women make their own pottery from scratch, which is a very detailed process. Later, we did a little dance with the women, which was very festive and fun. Afterwards, we ended our time there with a little "shopping" and refreshments. Ask your kids about the "bumbacow"- it's AMAZING! 

After the village- we were headed to Natadola beach!! We got to enjoy our afternoon in the sun, white sand, and blue waters! A lot of them had the opportunity to snorkel around as well. We also had a guest speaker that night, Pastor Neil, who was a former Hindu and is now here in Fiji reaching the lost. It was so cool to hear him speak about his experiences and his life.

Saturday was another fun filled day as well. We woke up brightttttt and early (6:00 am) and we headed out to Momi for a little scuba dive action! A handful of students went scuba diving, four of us went snorkeling, and the rest hung out and relaxed at the resort! It was such a blast. God's creation is truly breathtaking. Afterwards, we stopped at Momi's Guns, Fiji's World War II costal protection. It had a BEAUTIFUL view and we took lots of pictures! It was a great day. 

Today, Sunday, we had the chance to sleep in this morning and have a leisurely breakfast and quiet time before church. We left for church at 10:30 and we attended the church the Pittman's attend. It was outside, very simple, and very sweet. It was a great message. Afterwards, we had a picnic and then headed off for home visitations. We broke up into 3 groups of 5 and went around different areas visiting local families. It was truly encouraging to hear from local Fijians, and an honor to be welcomed into their homes with such open arms. The people here are honestly the nicest and most joyful people I have ever been around. That night we had dinner at the Pittmans!

I am not sure if another blog will be coming, so here is the agenda for our last couple days here! 

Monday we will have half of a work day at the farm, and in the afternoon we will go to the Loloama house for a kids club and tutoring. 

Tuesday we will visit a school we have been to before and do a kids club, and in the afternoon we will do another kids club as well! Our last kids club! 

Wednesday we will end things with a bang, by taking a boat out to a beautiful island and we will spend the day soaking up the sun, snorkeling, and whatever else the island has to offer! 

Thursday we will clean up the farm, pack up, and head to a hotel for our last night. We will have a farewell dinner, get lots of sleep, and then head to the airport on Friday! :) 

We can't WAIT to see you all and share all of the experiences we encountered while in Fiji and Australia. I have seen the Lord do so much in the lives of your students and I am excited for you all to hear about it as well. It has been an incredible month here and I thank the Lord for the opportunity to come down here and serve. If you all would be praying for safe travels back, we would greatly appreciate that! Also, please be praying for energy and zeal for the students, and for the leaders as well. The last days are always the hardest so I pray we all would finish strong! :) Love you all!! See you soon!!