Being Robbed of Joy - Erica Dixon

     One of the questions that we always ask during accountably groups is: “Have you allowed anything to rob you of your joy this week?” My answer, looking back on the past 7 days, is yes. November 8th definitely stole my joy. By that I do not mean that I was mad when Donald Trump was elected president. This political season has just been very crazy and I feel like it has brought out the worst in a lot of people. It pains me to see America divided and filled with hate. Keeping our 45th president in mind, its important to remember that every president America has had, and will ever have, makes mistakes. Our president is human, sinful, and broken just like you and me. During this period of transition as I try to make sense of what I stand for (and what to believe), I have to remember who my “real president” is, and that’s my God. He is my King, my Father, my Savior. Romans 13:1 says, “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God." God always has a plan. He made Donald Trump president for a reason, and we should trust God. I also urge everyone to continually pray for our government -- they always need it!

     This week everyone at Link was blessed to hear from Lee Jackson. He brought us hard truth about inner city struggles and our own privilege. Mr. Jackson grew up in Cleveland, Ohio with a drug dealer as a father, and became homeless at age 13. Now he works in Dallas at a nonprofit organization that enables inner city kids to play sports and hear the gospel. His story is amazing and a true testimony to the potential that every single person has in Christ. Today, he showed us pictures of “successful business people” and “thugs”. He asked us if we would approach someone who looked like a drug addict or gang member. It was very sobering because he himself used to be one of those inner city kids. Knowing that God works in every situation gives me so much encouragement for next week. On Monday we will all be going to either St. Louis or Kansas City for our Urban Entry trip. I will be in Kansas City, and I’m excited because I’ve never been and I think it will be really cool! But I am also really nervous, scared, and unsure. Probably because I don’t know a lot of details about what we’ll be doing, and that makes me a little anxious. In these moments I need to rest in God and focus on preparing my heart. When I am not feeling confident, I just have to remember that we’re going to love on people and reflect God and His character. God chose me, and He will use me. I have to allow God to work through me. My prayer for this coming week is that all of us Linkies will be humble and loving. I can’t wait to see what God reveals in my heart and the hearts of all my classmates. Pray that God would change our pre-conceived notions and give us compassion for people of all kinds! Stay tuned to hear all about everything that goes on during our Urban Entry week!

Adam DonyesComment