Ireland Bound | Courtney Cummings

This week was weird and crazy but great! It was crazy because we leave for our international trips this Saturday, where I will be heading to Ireland! Not only is this my first trip to Ireland but also my first trip across seas!  You could say I am a little excited.  We had our last speaker before trips this week. Even though he was only here for two days it was incredible!  He focused on salvation and how heaven is not the goal of being a Christian.  God calls us to have an abundant life and if our goal is merely to one day get to heaven, then we are missing out on the wonders that we can experience here on earth. God also calls us to bring heaven down to earth. By doing that we will experience an abundant life that God calls us to have. The exstitance that God has planned for each and every one of us is amazing and when we are solely focused on reaching heaven one day, then we will miss that life that God calls us to. Even though the times will not be easy (Paul guarantees that for us) we can learn what it is to be content in all circumstances like it talks about in Philippians 4:11-13. The class was a great way to end before heading out to another country!  If y'all wouldn't mind I would love prayers for all of the Link Year Students for the next month. There will be a lot of traveling and outings! Thanks so much!

Adam DonyesComment