Bula from Fiji!

Bula!! Sorry it has taken a couple days to blog- Internet is not an easy thing to get around here. Please bare with us :). Everyone is safe and doing well!! We arrived Monday morning and met Ray and Laura Pittman, the missionaries who are leading the trip. We went to their house, ate a yummy Fijian breakfast, and was orientated on the farm and the culture here in Fiji. Later, we all went to the beach and watched the Super bowl! Everyone was very excited about that afternoon. We all went to bed super early to catch up on our sleep.

Tuesday we started out our morning with a normal routine, a routine we will do every morning. We wake up and have breakfast by 7:00 am (yes- every single student is up and awake by 7- it's awesome). We then have worship and a devotional at 7:30, quiet time at 8:00, and then we begin our day! We planned for a "kids club" and went to a Hindu school to do a little "VBS" program for the students, we taught them about Daniel and the Lions Den. Everyone loved playing and hanging out with the kids! Later, we worked on the farm a little bit doing various projects, and then went to the Loloama House to tutor battered young women, orphans, and single moms. It was such a cool experience.

Wednesday we did our morning routine, and then went into Nadi town for a little scavenger hunt! We were all dropped off at the local bus stop and had to find our way into town. It was really fun and it gave us a real Fijian experience! Everyone broke up into teams and explored Nadi town (pronounced Nan-di). They bought souvenirs, Sulus, took pictures of various things, and interacted with local people! Later that night we had a delicious curry dinner and had really fun and goofy fellowship time. Everyone is becoming so close so soon. I love it! Also, did I mention bed time is, on average, 9:00 pm!? It's awesome! :)

This morning we are working on the farm and then headed to another school to do a kids club! We will go on an adventure tomorrow- the Sleeping Giant Waterfall Zipline- something we haven't done before! And then head out to Suva (the capital) Sunday morning.

I will continue to take pictures and try to blog as much as I can! Just know everyone is doing very well and the Lord is working in each of their hearts. And "momma Hill" is making sure people apply sunscreen all the time!! :)

A couple people who want to say a few things!

Sam- I love you guys so much mom and dad, thank you for supporting me!
Bryan- dad my international plan isn't working, love you guys.
Luke- sorry about my wallet! Love y'all and miss y'all. Please keep us in your prayers! Carol, I am making sure to put sunscreen on. I'll call and check in when I can find wifi. Much love!
CheyAnn- mom sorry I hung up on you! Dad, hi!
Anne Marie- bula! Love yall miss yall! Please keep praying for us
Karly- I love yall and miss yall (hey Braden miss you too)
Morgan- I love you guys and miss you guys
Nathaniel- I miss you and I am having the trip of a lifetime!
Heidi- ich bin gut und ich liebe dich:) kanst du gibt dein familia ein grossest hug bitte:) leib
Chase- love and miss you. Fyi I might not come back ;)
Calvin- love you miss you!!

Here are some pics from the trip so far! More to come so check back!

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