Building In The Bahamas

We’ve had a great few excursion days here on the island. Thursday we spent the morning connecting as a group, cleaning the center and our rooms. That afternoon we went to see “the cliffs”. What was especially neat was that the Atlantic Sea was raging that day and so we saw waves hit 60-foot cliffs and pour down creating smaller oceans where we stood.  We were safely standing on the sand but a big wave would come and the water level would rise, soaking some of us! There are some fun videos students have posted on instagram under #bahalink. Friday we toured areas towards the north of the island. Our first stop was the Glass Window Bridge where the Atlantic Sea and the Caribbean Sea meet.  The Atlantic had big waves and a dark blue whereas the Caribbean is crystal clear and calm. It’s crazy to see the uniqueness of the Lord’s creation. Down the road we visited a site called Queens Bath where the rocks have created holes that look like a large jacuzzi. The Atlantic waves will crash into the rocks and water fills the holes. Because the sea was still raging a little bit we didn’t go down into the rocks but it was fascinating to see and we hope to re-visit when the waves are smaller. That afternoon we spent at a beach lined with pine trees which was great for setting up the hammocks.

Saturday we spent going to Harbor Island. Harbor Island is a short 5-minute ferry ride away from Eleuthera and known for being the tourist area. There are many boutiques, restaurants, hotels and the entire island just uses golf carts! The island is so small that to get to the other side of the island is just a 15-minute walk to see the gorgeous pink sand beaches. We had a wonderful time!! Some students checked out the local bakery and got some sweet, coconut bread while others found the best burger place on the island with incredible views.

Sunday included church, which here on the island is close to 2+ hours long. It’s been a great experience to see both cultural differences between churches in the US and here in the Bahamas as well as to compare theological differences. Our students will always come back to the Bible for truth, remembering, “if it don’t match the Word…forget what ya heard!” After a quick lunch, we ventured out to see Preachers Cave and Blue Hole. At Blue Hole, we got to cliff jump into the water. Both were such fun excursions! Monday morning it was back to work. Two groups of students are working on the basketball court. We finished the second outer side of the court. It took a team effort to make concrete, cut wood for the sides of the outer wall, and measure how far up concrete needed to go based on the dirt levels. Today, the group continued to make progress on the court and the 3rd outer wall was built. Another group finished the 3rd wall painting the outside of the center while a separate group taught at the school today. Building relationships with the students at the school has been one of the highlights of what we’ve gotten to do! Thank you for your continued prayers!

Brian WangComment