Bringing It Home From The Bahamas

As our trip is coming to an end, we wanted to share some highlights from the last couple days! 

-Darrian has spent a lot of time fishing this trip and a couple days ago, he caught a grouper! Billy took it and made a delicious dinner out of Darrian's catch! 

-We decided to work on Saturday, hoping the weather would cooperate with our work schedule. Keith and three boys left early in the morning to shovel fill. On their way back, the trailer hitch came off the jeep and got stuck in the axel. Thankfully no one was hurt and there was no damage to the vehicle but it took some creativity and strong guys to get it unstuck. This caused some delay in our work schedule but once we got the fill, we were able to make and fill seven pours concrete in less than an hour! 

-The last church service that we went to was a Haitian church in Palmetto Point. It was a cool experience because they were singing worship songs in Creole and we were able to sing along in English. The pastor spoke passionately and we were thankful for the translator! After church we went back to Cocodimama beach. Students were able to paddle board in the ocean! 

-On our final work day, two groups went back to the school to finish the basketball court, while two stayed at the center to clean, organize and finish painting. We were really excited that we were able to finish the basketball court and painting the Eleuthera Bible Training Center before we left!

-Since we rearranged our work schedule, we had two excursion days this week! Harbour Island was a favorite for our students and we were able to take them back! We enjoyed eating from the Bahamian bakery and getting some coffee from Bahamas Coffee Roasters. We had more time on the island this trip, so students were also able to check out the beach and try different restaurants! 

-The final beach that we went to was a two hour drive from the center at the southern tip of Eleuthera, Lighthouse Beach. Students were able to explore, snorkel, take an adventure to a near island, jump in the waves and play some frisbee! We spent the whole day there and got a lot of sun! We are very thankful for the natural aloe plant outside the center!! 

Today is the day we have dreaded! We had to say goodbye to the kids and families that we have built relationships with over the last month! We are very thankful for the opportunity we have had to serve this community the past month and we look forward to keeping in touch with them!

We are excited to see you soon! Please pray for travel and safety coming home and for students traveling for spring break! 

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