A Blast in the Bahamas

Hello from the Bahamas!!! 

We are having a wonderful time here. We pray that by now you've been able to communicate with the students here. We do have internet when we are at the "center" (Eleuthera Bible Training Center) but it's a little spotty and the connection is slower when more people are trying to connect. We have all of the students broken up into teams of 4 and the groups all have different assignments each day. Monday morning looked similar for all of our groups. 2 of our groups went to Governor's Harbor Primary School to lead their morning assembly by playing a game and singing "This little light of mine". We loved it! The other half of the students went to Hatchet Bay Primary to lead their morning assembly by playing Sharks & Minnows and they say "Joy, Joy, Joy". The rest of the day was spent at work projects! 

Ali, Erin, Spencer and Mack's group is assigned this week at an Exceptional Learning Center and are assisting students with special learning needs. This includes teaching math, reading, and enjoying time outside with the students. Their assignment is the same throughout the week from morning until the early afternoon. This weekend the groups will stay the same but the assignments may change to switch things up! The rest of the groups are split up and are either scrubbing and painting the outside of the center or building a garage. The team building the garage is starting from scratch and currently working towards evening out the foundation. This involves a lot of hard work shoveling fill into the land where the garage is going to. Typically we work from 8:30/9am until 1pm. At 1pm we have lunch at the center which is typically sandwiches, chips, and an apple or orange.  Yesterday afternoon from 2:30-4pm we went to a beach on the Atlantic side of the island called Navy Beach. It sits along a former naval base and is known for it's pink sands. 

Billy Stubbs, a local Bahamian is a pretty popular guy around here because he brings our dinner to the center every night at 6pm. His food is incredible! So far we've had pork chops and rice, baked chicken and mashed potatoes with green beans and last night he brought ribs and baked mac-n-cheese. Billy cooks every single Friday and Saturday for lunch for 100+ people and whoever wants to come to lunch pays a few dollars. Obviously, we are planning on attending his front yard lunch this Fridayafternoon. 

Things here are going wonderfully! We are making sure all of the students are well hydrated and using sunscreen! Thank you for your continued prayers during our time here. 

Here are some pics from the trip so far! more pics to come so check back!

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