Beards and Beauty

This week at Link Year was Beards and Beauty, which means that guys and girls are spilt the whole week and hear from different speakers. That allows students to grow in their knowledge of what it means to be a man or woman of God and bond with their brothers and sisters in Christ. This year's awesome speakers for the girls were Mrs. Caye McNew and Alyssa Bethke, and the guys were blessed to hear from Marc Harris and Jeff Draughon. Take a look what went on this week, and read some quotes from students!


The girls spent their morning together at a dance class at Big Cedar Lodge. It was an absolute blast! Later they heard from Mrs. Caye, who spoke on living a healthy lifestyle and honoring your body as a temple. 


"I am a dancer, so I thought Tuesday was really fun! It brings so much joy to dance and laugh alongside some of your best friends. It really helped set the tone for Mrs. Caye's talk on living healthy lives. She reiterated some important facts and inspired me to really honor God with how I live." - Sarah Foley


The guys met in the classroom Tuesday morning to hear from Jeff Draughon. He is a successful businessman from Louisiana, and it was inspiring to hear his advice on how to manage life!


"Jeff Draughon talked about 'climbing the mountain of life'. It is impactful to hear how someone has navigated their life and become successful, like Mr. Draughon! His lesson really taught on how to be a man of God in the 21st century." - Braeden Frantz


The girls spent their Wednesday afternoon on a Skype call with Alyssa Bethke. She spoke to the girls about common struggles among women, such as comparison and feelings of inadequacy. After that was a time of Q&A. The Bethkes have spoken at Link Year many times, and it is always a special treat to hear from them!


"Hearing from Alyssa Bethke was a privilege. She covered everything from boundaries in a friendship with the opposite sex to qualities to look for in a potential spouse. It helped me to do a lot of thinking and processing, and come to know that it gives glory to the Lord when we empower and build up our sisters in Christ to accomplish big things for the Kingdom and walk in the completeness of Jesus."      - Holly Priest


The guys' morning was spent learning from Marcus Harris. His lesson was titled "Purpose, Priorities, Problem" and he spoke about how to grow from boys into the men God has called them to be. Mr. Harris is a regular Beards and Beauty speaker, and every year the guys learn so much!


"He's like that really intense football coach, but instead of football, he's passionate about Jesus and it was awesome! What stuck with me is that you have to be passionate about making Jesus your priority. You can't just kinda want it, you have to need it!" - Caleb Gauntt


Thursday the girls traveled off campus to have brunch and do their bible study on James. The morning included brunch (prepared by our awesome chef, Kassie), student-led worship, and pajamas! Needless to say it was a great morning!


The guys also traveled off campus and got to do paintball, and it was definitely a fun morning for them as well!

Overall, this week is a favorite for many students. They learn what being a man or woman of God looks like and then have people to come alongside them as they pursue that!