"This Island Life Has Got Me Itchin’"

Tomorrow marks a week since we have arrived in Eleuthera, and let me tell ya, its been quite the week for sure-especially considering my legs have been eaten alive by the beach fleas around here. I think I have over 50 itty-bitty red bites on of my legs… I haven’t taken the time to count both legs.

We arrived in Eleuthera, Bahamas Friday (January 30) early evening and spent the next two days settling into our humble abode for the month-Eleuthera Bible Training Center. During these two days we spent majority of our time on the beach, and majority of us felt it was hard to get passed the mind set that we aren’t here for a week long vacation, but a month of serving the Lord and the people of Eleuthera.

Adam Donyes, the president of Link Year and one of the 6 staff members that has accompanied us on this trip, encouraged us to have two main goals during our time here.

  1. we are here to serve, not to be served.
  2. be a blessing, not a burden

Monday through Friday are our work days and this week we spent our days tearing up the roof and laying down a new one on E.B.T.C. While my friends were hard at work on the roof, I was given the opportunity to help babysit Donyes two boys. For those of you who know me well, you know that this was right up my alley. I absolutely love getting to hang out with the boys and what better place to do so than on an island. The schedule had us working both morning and afternoon but because we have a bomb group of people coming together with servant hearts and can-do attitudes we were given the afternoon off and we have taken trips to several beaches over the course of the week.

The beaches here are absolutely beautiful. Never in my life have I seen water so clear and felt sand so soft. Two of the beaches we visited had pink sand, yes you heard me, PINK sand!! Being on this Island for a week has really opened my eyes to the beauty of God’s creation. Last night a few of my friends and I ventured out onto the beach in front of our house and spent an hour marveling at the abundance of stars up in the sky. I couldn’t help but think about the fact that God placed each of those stars in their individual spots up in the sky. Then my dear friend, Caroline Hamilton, pointed out to me that there are so many things the Lord has done or created that He didn’t have to and yet He did. Take the stars for example. He didn’t need to place every single one of those stars up there, yet He took the time to do it and now we are given the opportunity to admire His creation.

side note: I witnessed my first shooting star last night which was pretty rad.

The Lord has already started working in my heart this week and it makes me so excited for all that He has in store for the weeks to come. My personal goals for this trip are to completely surrender my anxious heart over to the Lord, to not let my homesickness prevent me from cherishing each moment I am given while here, and to have an open mind and heart to all that the Lord is teaching me and doing in my life, as well as the lives of those who are here with me. Our Lord is so good and I am thankful for the opportunity He and Link Year has given me to be here in Eleuthera for the month, as well as for the work He is continuously doing in my life.

prayers would be greatly appreciated: please pray for safety and good health, unity within the students and staff, that we would all surrender our selfish ways and develop the servant hearts the Lord desires for us, and that the Lord would work in the hearts of each of us individually.

-Caroline Hogue

Marcus HarrisComment