Hello from the Bahamas!!

We have had an amazing time so far! The Eleuthera Bible Training Center is where we are staying for the month, and it is absolutely beautiful. We have a huge front porch that overlooks the Caribbean ocean, with a basketball court and volleyball court as well. Pretty nice front yard, huh? 

We were very spoiled the first few days we were here! The first day we explored Preacher's cave, which was founded by men who shipwrecked on the island in the 1600's. Eleuthera means freedom, which is what the island is called.  After that, we hit the beach for a couple hours. It was the softest sand and the prettiest water. We then went to a Blue Hole, a small body of water that can only be entered by jumping off a small cliff! Almost everyone jumped and conquered fears! Don't worry mom and dad, everyone was safe and no one got hurt. :) 

Sunday we got to experience a true Bahamian church service! A lot of singing, dancing, and a powerful message. We then explored a new beach! It was a great day of rest and relaxation.

Monday we started bright and early with a great devotional and time in the Word. We then stared on our first project, tearing off the roof! It was a very big project but all the students worked so hard and we made great progress. We tore off all the shingles, tore off the felt, and laid down new felt. A lot of us had no idea what we were doing, but by Wednesday we had it down! We are all adding roofing to our resumes. That afternoon was rainy and a bit chilly, so we took it easy and laid low at the center. Dinners here are amazing. There is a local man, Billy, who has his own restaurant and cooks TERRIFIC food for us each and every night. Not once have we had a bad meal. He's awesome!!

Tuesday and Wednesday were similar days. We were back up on the roof by 9 am and worked hard all morning. We finished tearing it all down by Wednesday, just in time for professionals to put the new roof on. Tuesday afternoon we went to the Navy beach, which is on the Atlantic side. It is very historic because it used to be where a U.S Naval base was located. We swam, jumped the waves, listened to music, tossed a football around, and relaxed. Such a fun afternoon! Wednesday afternoon was a little different. Some of the basketball guys had their first basketball camp! They went to North Eleuthera Junior High and ran drills, taught them fundamentals, and had a lot of fun playing basketball. The rest of non basketballers went to Rainbow Beach :)

Today we started on the volleyball court, picking up rocks, tearing up grass, and making it more inviting! We also put up a new basketball rim and backboard. Big things are happening here! We are now headed back to Navy Beach for the afternoon :) We miss you all and can't wait to tell you all about it! Xoxo 

-Hillary Newth

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