A Blast in the Bahamas

If you can’t tell from the countless pictures I’ve posted on all forms of social media, I am having a blast in the Bahamas!!! I am blown away every time I walk out to the front porch to the amazing view we have of the Caribbean. Not to mention all the amazing beaches that we've seen. Also the people here on Eleuthera are so friendly. One of the funny little things I have had to adjust to here is when a group of us will be walking down the street to the local grocery store to pick up a few snacks, the locals will drive by and honk. Normally in America when you hear someone honk it means get out of the way or that you are in some way being a bother to that persons driving, but here when someone honks its just a simpler way to say hello while they drive down the road. The culture here is just really laid back and friendly, and I really enjoy it.
Although my picture might lead you to believe other wise we actually are working very hard here at the Eleuthera Bible Training Center! We spend every morning here helping our new friend Bill Landers (who is the missionary here in Eleuthera) out with making improvements to the ministry. The first few days we spent on the roof of the center taking off the old shingles so that new ones could be put on, after that was done we began (and are still working on) making their sand volleyball and basketball courts better and ready for some action. In the afternoon we spent just hanging out at local beaches of just around the center playing basketball with the locals or just enjoying all the amazing views. We are also learning so much about what its like to serve and love like Christ did.
One of the biggest things that I’ve learned so far and has had the biggest impact on me happened yesterday with just a small little phrase, “Take a break”. See I really love hard work, I always have. When you have a task of something you need to clean or build or whatever and you'rethinking,  “There is no way this is getting done…” But then you just put your head down and take it piece by piece and you look up and its done and looks better than before. Yeah thats the stuff I love. So Bahamas is basically a dream come true for me. Hard work in the morning, chill afternoon with friends. Nothing better then that! But the problem I have is that I also struggle with pride. Pride in the sense of I don’t want anyone else to be burdened by the work so I’ll just do it all and let the other person just hang out. Thats they way I’ve just alway thought. So normally when someone asks if they can help me or asks if I need a break, I see it as them in some way telling me I’m not doing it right or I’m being weak and lazy. But this is wrong, and I learned that this week with the help of my good friend Caroline Hamilton. The last few days our project has been to extend the basketball court that they have out front. So that means we needed to dig up all the grass and rock that is around the court and smooth it out so the new concrete can be poured. I had been digging away for about and hour or so and I have to admit I was a bit tired and I needed some water, but of course me being me I was not about to let anyone know I needed a break. But Caroline knew I had been going for awhile and she came over to ask if we could switch jobs for a bit. She would shovel and I would come back through and pick up the extra grass and rocks that she couldn't get. At first I blew her off and did my normal, “Naaah I’m good but thanks for the offer” kind of things. But then (and this is where I had a light bulb go off in my head) she looks at me and says, “Reid, I love ya. and you need to take a break and get some water. We can switch off jobs in a second.” And boom the mind set I had my whole life had just crashed and it all clicked for me. True Christian community is not just doing things with each other, its doing things along side each other. Caroline showed me that it is not weak of me to take a break, but out of the fact that she loves me and wants to help me (along with the rest of the team) finish the rest of the project.And its that way in life, we have friends, mentors and parents to walk along side us, show love and help us figure out our way through this project we call life. Not that we are not doing it right or are being lazy about life but that when we walk into troubled times they can come by us and say, “I’m here to help you finish this out”.
Hebrews 10:24-25 says, “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up on meeting together, but encouraging one another-and all the more as you see the Day approaching.” Its amazing to me how much this year I thought I had the right idea about what community was after being at Link Year. But then we come to the Bahamas and my eyes are open to a completely new and greater understanding of what real community is. I guess I just needed to take a little break from the normal routine to have my eyes opened to a greater understanding of Christ love.

Thank you everyone for all the prayers for my team and I! We are loving it here and are excited for the next two weeks on the Island!!!!

God Bless!

-Reid Green

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