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Well, I’m in the Bahamas! As soon as we stepped off the plane, I could feel the warm island breeze and smell the salty ocean air. After months of anticipation the day has finally arrived. Oftentimes, as we are going about our day, I stop and still just can’t believe that I am actually here! I have the ocean as my front yard and I am getting to serve with some of the most amazing people. I knew some of what we would be doing while we are here, but wasn’t expecting the Lord to move in the unique and unexpected ways He has. As my adventure continues, I will try to write a weekly update about what our week has looked like and how the Lord is moving here on Eleuthera. 

While we are here, we are serving alongside Bill and Teresa Landers through the Eleuthera Bible Training Center. This center exists to train local pastors because many are not able to attend seminary or any other type of biblical training. They also use various teams throughout the year to come and serve alongside them. Lastly, they focus largely on discipleship and teaching others what is looks like to daily pursue the Lord. 

Much of our work so far had been in preparation for an island wide basketball tournament that the training center will be holding February 18th. We have been building bleachers and working on various projects around the center. This tournament is being held for the purpose of bringing the community together to show them the love of Christ. 
Our normal days consist of work in the mornings and various excursions and trips in the afternoons. We have seen some of the most incredible beaches and got to experience some crazy things. 

Personally, my favorite experience so far was when I had the opportunity to go on a field trip with elementary school students on the island. Bill allowed the school to use his bus so he let another student and I tag along for the day. I had the opportunity to love on about 40 students that immediately were so excited to tell me everything about their lives. They all were so intrigued by my blonde hair. At one point, I had about 20 kids all attempting to braid and play with my hair. There was one 7 year old on the trip named Angel that was my pal. I got to hang out with her all day. It was incredible to get to experience another culture in such a unique way. I have such a passion for teaching and children and was incredibly blessed to get to go on that trip. 

Not only have I experienced new and exciting things but the Lord has also pushed me and grown me in the short time that we have been here. The Lord had been revealing to me the difference between logic and emotions in my heart. This may sound strange, but it is something that really changes the way I view and communicate with the Lord. I have always been a very logical person and that overflows into my relationship with the Lord. I view everything through logic rather than through emotions. This can be good and bad for me. It is good in the sense that I am able to remain steadfast even in the midst of not feeling because I know that the Lord is still the same. But it can often cause my relationship with the Lord to become very works based. I seem to almost make a check list of the things I should be doing and can easily lose sight of why I have the desire to do them in the first place. I have been reading though Psalms and the Lord is showing me how to express my love for Him through my emotions. I have begun to see how that is a part of myself I oftentimes don’t fully give over to the Lord. My prayer is that the truth, power, and depth of the Gospel would cause my heart to be moved and my emotions to be stirred for the Lord. I am learning how to become more aware of my emotions throughout the day, and can already see the Lord working in my heart. 

As our time here continues, please pray for unity and vision for our team. Our longs days of working in the sun can make us exhausted so pray for strength. Please pray that I would view those around me through the lens of the Gospel and continue to listen the Spirit and move accordingly. 

We have had the opportunity to attend two different churches on the island so far. It is amazing to see how the Lord is so much bigger than any cultural differences.

We got to swim with a dolphin at the first beach we went to! It was incredible. The dolphin got so close!

This is Angel. She has such a sweet and kind heart. I was so excited to spend time with her! It was crazy to be at the beach for a field trip!! 

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