Big Things for Eleuthera | Derrick Mcbee

We are on our third week here in Eleuthera, and it has been such an adventure. From swimming with dolphins to mixing concrete it has all been life changing and unforgettable. Being in Eleuthera with Bill and Teresa Landers has inspired me to have a servant heart. They have devoted their lives fully to serving the Lord by making disciples who will make disciples. They have taught me a lot about loving others around me as well as serving with the intentions of serving of the Lord. I feel that I had a different view of what serving looked like growing up, but now I understand that serving has nothing to do will personal satisfaction, but rather serving to satisfy God. He has called us all to serve and to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20) and that is exactly what we have been doing these past two weeks. It has been such an amazing experience to dive into a culture that you have never been a part of and show love to people that you have never met. Although missions are an important aspect of the Christian life in other countries it is also a very important aspect to partake in in the country that we all live in. We should live out our every day lives as a mission to make disciples every step of the way. We shouldn’t take God commands lightly because well God has told us what to do and if we truly follow him we should listen and act on those commands without hesitation. Life here in the Bahamas has been a miraculous and extravagant experience, and the time spent here will forever have a lasting impact on the way that I walk both spiritually and physically. God has big things planned for Eleuthera and for each and every person’s place of living; so don’t be timid to live out God’s commands for us. You will not be disappointed with what God has in return for you. God Bless You all and go be the hands and feet of Christ every single day!

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