This TGIF was one to remember. We got to experience animals of all kinds when Link Year took us to the one and only Wild World. Wild World is an aquarium/animal exhibit located in Branson. There were so many animals, it was ridiculous. They had a sea turtle, which was actually really cool because he would stick his head out of the water and let you pet him. They had a massive tank filled with sharks that was honestly kind of creepy. The alligators were sleepy so they really didn’t do much. I thought it was amazing when I found out they had real wolves. I had never seen a wolf before so that was cool to see. I saw the biggest frog ever. I can’t remember what it was called, but it was the size of my shoe and I wear a ten. There were all kinds of snakes from king cobras to pythons. I thought the coolest would have had to been the mamba. I got to one exhibit that had the most adorable dogs ever. They were called singing dogs because when they howled they would almost make a song together. One section had lion fish which are one of the most deadly fish in the sea. What had to be my favorite part would have to have been the doctor fish. They come and eat the dead skin off of your skin and then lotion it with their slime. I got 2 dollars for sticking my face in the tank for ten seconds. Overall it was definitely in my top three of TGIF’s.