This year at the Kanakuk Link Year has been phenomenal.  For a program as young as the Link Year, it is amazingly proactive and worth the investment.  The Link Year gives students the opportunity to build relationships and develop a Biblical worldview that they can call their own. On Tuesday last week, I had the opportunity of getting re-baptized at the Neighborhood Chapel, with everyone in the Kanakuk Link Year.  The students of the Link Year (my friends) were able to be there to support and witness my decision to make the outward profession of my inward decision. On Saturday, we were given the opportunity to witness and stand by Clayton and Tiffanye, as they made a public profession of their love for one another as Bride and Groom.   Not only did we have uplifting and cool opportunities, but we had an exciting week in the classroom as well.  When our speaker Tim Watson brought it home this week, it went straight to my heart. It spoke directly to me as well as all of the other students.  Tim spent a majority of his time with the students even though he could have spent all his time with his brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Brian and Autumn Wang. We all loved getting to know Tim and loved listening to his story and receiving his advice.  While being here at the Kanakuk Link Year, I have learned so much about Christ and have learned to serve others. At first I struggled with getting acclimated with this information and at times, I felt behind or left out.  But, eventually I was able to talk to all of the guys and get to know them, I was able to talk to them with love and we began discussing our beliefs.  I was able to understand what they believed and I began to build my own relationship with them and the Lord.  In closing, the Kanakuk Link year are the seeds planted in our garden and we have to go forth and keep them nourished.  The Kanakuk Link Year has been so entertaining and enriching that I've been inspired to strive for excellence but to also live and act for the Kingdom, so that my life begs the question, “What does He have that I don’t, how does He love so unconditionally?”  I’d like to end this by saying thank you to the parents, students, friends and Staff that have walked alongside each of the Link Year students this year.  - Kevin Kiser