St. Marks

Here in Ireland I lead my peers on a tour today here at St. Marks church which was formerly C. S. Lewis's church. I explained the origin of the church in October of 1873 by William Butterfield. I explain the importance of the tall pillars arches and ceillings of that era. Also C.S. Lewis' s family also dedicated a stain glass window on the right side of the church. Hadden Willson also explained to our group that Mr. Lewis used to sit in the fifth or sixth row of the church. And he also shared that usually rows were dedicated to the whole family and would often have plaques placed on the heading of the rows that were dedicated. Another intesting thing that was deeply rooted into Lewis's life was a lion like figure that served as the knocker of the church, but latter became known as Aslan in Narnia a book that was written by Lewis himself. Later in the day we came back and had time for our selves to do with as we liked, I persinally went in to the city to explore some smaller shops that were hidden more in the ally ways and once I returned join in with the others in games such as Spoons and Settlers of Catana and Apples to Apples. (Najee' Cox)