Speaker Spotlight- Sean Mcdowell

This week has been great, besides the freezing cold weather!!!!!! Besides that our speakers this week have been very challenging and I feel that have made all of the students think more closely on how to view a world view, and what is the right way to ask a question.

Our first speaker of the week was Mr. Sean McDowell , a amazing author, and apologetical speaker. Our first session he played a atheist and had us challenge him on biblical knowledge, atheistic views, etc. As I was watching I could see that it was more of a completion to see who could convert the atheist more than trying to understand why he was a atheist. 2nd second session he explained himself and how he used his tactics. "A proper way to ask a question is to be careful on how you word it, be clear but not rude. You need to get to understand the worldview before you judge it."-Sean McDowell.

Our last speaker this week was Mr. Chad Hampsch the VP of the Kanakuk Institute. We had to send in 2 questions in at the beginning of the week for chad to answer, so that's what we went over. We mainly talked about dating questions, "is it possible to be too guarded?, and he answered "if you want to be married someday or have authentic accountability then you gotta let your guard down", was his response. Chad was a very down to earth guy and was very insightful really enjoyed both of our speakers this week. Can't wait till this coming up week, GOD's got so much more in store!