Speaker Spotlight- Austin Ochs

Austin Ochs was our speaker this week. He had a lot of insight and gave us a different vision from what we have all been told our whole lives about how we are servants of God. He taught us on Tuesday about how not to waste our lives and that we are all called as Christians to serve. He opened the idea to us that you have not done anything in your own life to be where you are right now or to have the money that you have. You don't own anything and everything belongs to God. It's a pretty powerful statement that I found very true. I also found it very interesting that he brought up the fact about how pointless life would be if it were all about collecting material possessions. It is strange how we look to other things to fulfill us instead if God. All in all it was a very good week and having the honor of getting to learn from Austin Ochs was a great way to end the week. 

- Colt Ruelle