This week at Link Year we had many different speakers, but my favorite speaker was probably Joey Tisdale. He talked a lot about what we should expect next year in college, and not wasting the short time we have there to share the gospel. A lot of the class period he talked to us about his experience in college and how he feels as if he wasted so much time. At the beginning of his college career he focused a lot on himself and not spreading God's word. A friend finally called him out on it and showed him how he should be living his life for Jesus, and that is when Joey slowly started changing his campus. Joey told us to take advantage of our Link Year experience and right when we step foot on the campus we go to be a light for anyone we can. We took a year off to study God's word and to learn how to teach the gospel with anyone we come in to contact with, and the best place to do that is college! Our last thirty minutes in class Joey let us ask any questions we have about our next step in life. I found this class period very beneficial because he answered questions that we have all been wondering, and gave us more information about what we can expect when we leave Link Year.