This week we had Dr. Joshua Straub speak to our class about God Attachment, Relationships, Technology, Sex, and Hormones. One of the main things Joshua does is try and back up everything he talked to us about not only with scripture, but with research. The main point of everyday this week was that the world values feelings better over loving better. Our purpose in life is to love each other, that is made clear in the Bible in Genesis 2:18-25 and Peter 3:1-10. Joshua had us all take two surveys our first class, one of them being about our relationship style and the other one being an inventory on our attachment to God. He taught us about avoidance, anxious, and secure relationships. In our survey about our attachment to God we answered random questions on our relationship with God and at the end of it you added up your numbers to see which category you fell into. Then we got into the topic of how secure you are will determine how secure your children are. Avoidance is someone who is reluctant to communicate, obsessively self-reliant, and avoids emotionality. Someone with anxiety maybe has resentment, fear of abandonment, angry protest, or fear of being unlovable The second day Joshua got specifically into Attachment vs. Close relationships. Everyone has a God gene, we all seek something beyond ourselves. One of my favorite quotes he said this week was “People who beat themselves up often act as if Christ dying on the cross wasn't good enough for them.” EAR is an acronym that he also taught us, it’s a skill set containing empathy, assertiveness, and respect. The last day we spent most of our time learning about technology and the online world. Yes, the Internet gives us access to anything we want to know at our finger tips whenever we need it. This is causing our brain to shut down, we aren't having to ever process information. It is also making us a generation of skimmers, we don’t want to read anything that takes too much time, it has to be short enough to keep our attention. An interesting fact he told us is that the executives of Yahoo, Google, HP, Apple and Ebay all send their children to a 9 kids per class room school that has no technology. It is also said that Bill Gates didn’t get his kids cell phones until they were 13 and even then it has no data you could only use it for calls. If the geniuses who are creating all of this advanced technology are even limiting themselves and their children with it then we are we letting it get so out of control in the rest of the world. The last thing Joshua talked to us about was sex and hormones. He first pointed out how secular music is making sex nothing more but a physical act and how much culture is obsessed with just feeling good. It is scientific fact that the chemicals are released into your brain after sex that make you fall in love, and the feeling of being in love is very similar to someone being addicted to cocaine. If you say you love someone you need to be able to define it for yourself, and to help you should look into scripture. If every person understood these dynamics and applied them in our lives we would become the change we wish to see in the world. I think every student really learned a ton from Joshua, and we also really enjoyed him. I am very glad he was our speaker this first week back!