BJ Thompson brought the Word this week and was an inspiring man of God. I was really excited because we have the same initials. My first and middle name is Brittany Joy. It was really cool to have more of a teacher type speaker rather than just a lecturer. He would ask the students questions and required us to expand more on our answers, helping us walk through the thought process of why we believe what we believe. While taking copious notes, BJ answered these three questions in the three days he was with us. They were; “who am I? Who are we? And why are we here?” First, BJ really unpacked the meaning of the Gospel and how it is an infinite story. It is in all three tenses; past, present, and future. He explained how important it is for us to have a perspective on the Gospel that transcends for the rest of our lives. There are so many things that we as Christians do to make it seem like we have it all together, but in reality we are just putting on a face or a mask, disguising the person we really are.
In Matthew 7:24-27, the Bible talks about the story of the house that is build upon the sand and the house that is build upon the rock. The only difference between the two houses is their foundation. Being a Christian depends on what foundation we stand on. It is important to have a solid foundation in Christ and to follow and read His Word daily so that when the storm of life comes, we will not fall. The main thing we have to do is be broken before the Lord. The more broken we are, the more grace can come into our lives and fill our hearts. God’s love overwhelms us. If we are only a little broken, we only receive a little grace. When we realize that God’s love is enough for us, we are broken and are able to receive His full grace and love.
When BJ answered the question “who are we?” He gave us the Bible verse Ephesians 3:1-12 which talks about how we are all a family in the body of Christ. Most of the time we are so judgmental of people that we feel like we cannot relate to them on a personal level. We get too prideful and act like we are in our own little world of me, myself, and I. The fear of people seeing our true selves freaks us out but we all have sin in our lives. Our sinful nature causes us to be blind to our pride when our lives become all about performance and not about His glory. In the end, Jesus + Nothing = Everything.