Mystery Monday- Paintball

Today, we had the awesome opportunity to go play paintball as a group in the Ozarks! I had been looking forward to it, as I've never played before, but also became super nervous as we were putting on our gear and walking out to the battlefield. In the freezing cold temperature of 28 º (as my phone read) with a few flurries coming down, we entered the danger zone – all shivering yet ready for war. What made it even better was when Colt came out last, no jacket or any sleeves on, looking intimidating and ready to take down his enemies – my team. Great.

The teams at first seemed a bit unfair, as the majority of the big guys were drafted on to the other team, which even further scared me.

The whistle blew, and I had no idea what to do (except knowing things from war movies and Call of Duty) so in a panic the other girls and I just ran and hid behind a concrete wall. I felt a bit proud of myself for almost shooting a few people the first game, because of course a few trees had to get in the way of my shots. To my surprise, though, our team ended up dominating the other team. The best part of the day was when Colt, thinking I would be a super easy kill, slid down a hill right behind me yelling something I didn't hear, and I just let my gn go crazy towards him, and luckily shot him a few times in the chest making at least one pretty good mark.

Overall, the day was awesome, and now I've found out there's a new adrenalin-rushing activity that I love. 

- Shelby Williams