Mystery Monday- 'Hillbilly Bowling'

We woke up to a pleasant surprise this mystery Monday by not having to do any yard work today. However, our plans got a little misconstrued when we showed up at the bowling alley that we had reservations for and the workers never showed. But to no surprise the Adam’s brainstormed and decided upon Hillbilly bowling. It was a lot of fun spending this community time together, there were only about five different lanes and it was an older alley so we had to write down our scores there was no T.V keeping scores. All the LinkYear students were enjoying the country music and line dancing around the alley. I however am not the world’s best bowler but I had fun attempting it.  I was the one running in front of the other bowlers chasing down my ball hoping it wouldn’t go into the gutters. This was a sweet day with great intentional conversations and community growth.
- Amber Katynski 

For this mystery Monday, we all went bowling. Early Monday morning we had bible study and then had planned to have a "work day" which is just a shortened way to say we all had maintenance duty. Since it was so cold outside the work day was cancelled and, needless to say, no one was upset about that at all.We met the bus to go bowling at around 1:45 in front of the Ala Moana (the Link Year hang out building). Originally, we were set to go to the nicer place in the area but they were closed. Upon arriving at this location, there was no one there to open the doors for us. Therefore, we went to on old place called Hillbilly bowling, where we spent the afternoon. We had a great time bowling and eating onion rings and fried mushrooms. All in all it was a great day. We got back on the bus at around four o'clock, the smell of bowling still in our noses. To say that the ride home was peaceful would be a lie, everyone was dancing, laughing, and playing games the whole way. We were all still pumped up from bowling, but as soon as we all got back the tiredness set in and most of us, if not all of us, went straight to chill. Over all a great day and awesome Mystery Monday. 
- Kyle Daley