Mystery Monday- Chick-fil-A Climbing Day

Expectations are high and no one knows what is about to go down as we load the wonderful Kanakuk bus. Rumors are going strong for a solid hour, until we arrive at Chick-fil-A! Keep in mind that our Chick-fil-A is in Springfield, miles and miles away from our home at Kauai. We all race out of us bus and line up at the register to begin ordering our fantastic meals.

As we all sit together and eat our lunch, we are still talking about what is going to happen next. An hour passes before all of Link Year orders and eats, then it is back on the wonderful Kanakuk bus. The surprise is thrown upon us as we arrive at an indoor climbing arena!

At first, I was a little taken back, because I could not remember if I was any good at this or not. We begin to unload the bus and head inside to start signing our papers, that we would not damage anything, and so on. It was finally time to start climbing!

Stretching our limbs and limits to places we thought we would never have to stretch, we thoroughly enjoyed climbing all over the walls, acting like monkeys, of this climbing arena. Most everyone got up the basic wall, and of course it turned into a game: Which guy could climb up the wall in the shortest amount of time. I could not tell you who our winner was, but Brenton Cole is my best bet, solely because he climbed the wall about seven times.

A few of the girls got up the wall that was a little more difficult. It was a great accomplishment until Adam Donyes showed all of us up. In less than five minutes, Donyes got all the way up the most difficult wall. Of course he did. Link Year did have a splendid time climbing our day away and eating Chick-fil-A in Springfield, Missouri!

- A.K. Miskelly


Students of the Kanakuk Link Year went to Chic–Fil– A where they were able to gain nourishment through scrumptious food and community. Once everyone had finished eating, the student's left.  We were heading for the next leg of our adventure.  

The next stop was the Rock Climbers gym in Springfield, MO.  If students did not want to climb they also had the option to watch, the other students.  Many students took to the walls pushing their personal boundaries to the limits. Some students conquered fears while others just expanded their horizons venturing into new areas of activity they had never experienced before.

While I was climbing I had what some would call a "panic attack", all I could think about was the fact that if I let go; I was going to plummet to my death. What forgot it is that, Tanya was belaying me and the Lord was protecting me.

Something I learned from this Mystery Monday is everything is not always going to be flat surface and easy.  Sometimes we have to trust God and our accountability partners to belay us from falling into the great chasm of sin.  We must put our trust in God for his rule is for eternity.

- Kevin Kiser