Light House

Starting off the day, we made the relatively short bus ride to the town ofWhitehead, where we climbed a rather long and winding pathway leading up to the breathtakingly beautiful site which the Whitehead Lighthouse overlooks. Stopping just beside the lighthouse on top of a cliff overlooking the sea on such a crystal clear day, we got to chill and relax, take a few photos, and just take in the overall beauty of our surroundings and marvel at the greatness of the Creator of such amazing sites. Once Graham was satisfied with all of the dozens of group photos, we finally made our way back down the path where we were greeted at the bottom by our pretty cool bus driver Mark, and our packed lunches that I pretty much couldn't stop thinking about (Katelyn our cook makes the best food in the world).
Once we made it back into Belfast, we went straight to the Titanic Museum. It was an incredibly interesting experience, especially since the museum was built on the site where the Titanic actually set sail 100 years ago. This in itself would make anyone want to tour the museum, but the next best thing about the museum which we soon found out, was that it contains the costumes that both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet themselves wore in The Titanic! The best exhibit saved for last, I would say this day turned out to be one of my favorites and most memorable of the month.